Positioning, Part 2: 5-steps to create the perfect positioning statement


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The process of creating your internal positioning statement may seem simple, but the deep insight behind it is somewhat complex. Using the 5-step process above, you can define your product or service and how it emotionally connects to your audience. The emotional strength of your brand will determine its success or failure, so think carefully. And, once you get down to your simple brand message, the simplicity of it will be hard to believe—as obvious and easy as if your brand couldn’t live without it. Then with that map in hand, you can drive it home in every verbal and visual signal you send out.

If you haven’t already defined your position or if your current position needs a refresh, Branditarians can help you with that, too. It will take dedication—it’s an off-site exercise requiring the full attention of your senior leaders and/or project owners. As your outside facilitator, our goal is to help you dive deep into your product to find your true value and best emotional hook. Even if you already have a strong position and good emotional driver for your brand, the list above can help you make an assessment—and remind you that your brand’s true emotion will not only connect your audience, but leave them with right impression.  info@branditarians.com

Discover what is true and practice what is good,

Paula Ann Murphy
I am a Branditarian.

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